Geilenfeld arrested in Dominican Republic

April 13, 2019

SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic (AP) — Police in the Dominican Republic have arrested a Haiti orphanage founder who’s accused of molesting boys in his care.

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Michael Geilenfeld

Accused of sexually abusing children in his care for 32 years.  In Haiti, Dominican Republic, and the United States.  The US authorities are aware of his location and there is an active Homeland Security investigation.  Click Here to read the full Affadavit dated November 2017 in your browser.  WARNING: This document has descriptions of sexual abuse allegedly committed by Michael Geilenfeld on young boys.

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Michael Geilenfeld acused of sexually abusing children in his care for 30+ years

Accused of sexually abusing children in his care for 32 years.  Brunel Ezra pictured here, is Geilenfeld's current boy friend.  Geilenfeld and Hearts With Haiti sued Paul Kendrick in Federal Court for defamation, claiming that Kendrick's speech cost them millions of dollars of revenue.  Kendrick screamed from the mountaintop about Geilenfeld's alleged sexually abusing children in his care.  And that it has been going on 30 years.  Kendrick screams because no one listens.  And people are still not listening.  Hearts with Haiti and Geilenfeld won a $14 million dollar award in that federal case alleging defamation.   The jury did not believe the victims.  The award was thrown out by the justice system.  They are now suing Kendrick in Maine Superior Court.  Geilenfeld stated in the first trial that he is homosexual, and that bigoted people are trying to punish him for that.  NO.  People want the alleged sexual abuse to stop.  Kendrick did not cost Hearts with Haiti millions in revenue.  Geilenfeld's behavior does.

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Since 1993

Enjoying themselves without a care in the world.  This is despite a Haitian Arrest Warrant From October 2015 and the Red Interpol Arrest Warrant issued for the American Founder of St Joseph Family in Haiti, Michael K. Geilenfeld. Where is the justice for the victims who are not enjoying these sane comforts?

The Dominican Republic Arrested Michael Geilenfeld under a Red Interpol warrant in mid - April 2019.  They held him for several days then deported him to The United States.  It is said that Geilenfeld is staying with his supporters and enablers in Littleton, Colorado - members of the Abiding Hope Lutheran Church is harboring an alleged sexual abuser, accused for 30+ years.  Interpol has issued a blue arrest warrant, which prohibits the person from leaving the United States.  However, allegedly Geilenfeld has the ability to forge documents and take on different identities.

Geilenfeld has been accused of sexually abusing children in his care for over 30 years.  He was arrested in Haiti in 2015 and spent over 200 days in custody.  Yet he was magically released.  Haitian officials seem to lose documents and speak untruths about Geilenfeld.  The U.S. Embassy seems to overlook these accusations, over and over again.

What powerful person, persons, embassies or countries have a hat in this game.  One could conclude that the U.S. has a stake in letting this man allegedly traffic sex with minors to North Americans and Europeans, because it keeps this filthy business off U.S. Shores.  One could conclude that Haiti has a stake in this game as it brings a lot of U.S. Dollars and other hard currencies into the country.  One could conclude that Organized Crime as a deep interest in propping up this alleged sexual offender; a good place to launder cash money.

This is bigger than Geilenfeld.  It seems organized, it seems criminal, it seems international.

L to R
Brunel Ezra, Shelly Wiley, Lucy Dietrich, Renee Dietrich, Michael Geilenfeld
L to R Brunel Ezra, Shelly Wiley, Lucy Dietrich, Renee Dietrich, Michael Geilenfeld
Think Before you volunteer for any orphanage over seas. Listen below.

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