Letter to Jefferson County Sherrif’s Dept. Golden, CO


May 2, 2019
Public Affairs
200 Jefferson County Parkway 
Golden, CO 80419

Dear Officers:

I have sent a letter to the Littleton Independent about 30+ year accused sex offender, Michael Geilenfeld, now residing in your community.  Geilenfeld was arrested in The Dominican Republic on April 12, 2019 on a Red Interpol Arrest Warrant.  The DR deported him to the United States and he is now in Littleton, Colorado.  Geilenfeld was arrested in Haiti in 2014.  He spent over 200 days in Haitian custody.  The reason he was recently in the Dominican Republic is because if he went to Haiti, he would be arrested again.  There is still an active arrest warrant for Geilenfeld in Haiti.

I believe the children, many of whom are grown men now, when they say Geilenfeld sexually abused them while they stayed in his orphanages.  I also believe it is very possible that Geilenfeld is involved in sex trafficking in Haiti.  He has been accused of sexually abusing kids for over 30 + years.  And he keeps getting away with it in Haiti.  I believe the U.S. has turned a blind eye to Geilenfeld because what he was doing was on foreign soil.  I believe Haiti turned a blind eye because he raised a lot of money from well meaning church people throughout North America and Europe and invited them to come on missions to his orphanages. And Haiti desperately needs the money.  There are reports that young people who told people about their sexual abuse at the hands of Geilenfeld were either thrown out of the orphanage, hurt physically, stabbed, even poisoned.  There are reports that people who protect him are paid by Geilenfeld.

I have attached an affidavit to this email.  Please read it.  If you read anything more, please read it.  It is an Affidavit of Rod Khattabi, a career federal law enforcement officer who interviewed some of the victims in Haiti.  You will be appalled at the circumstances of these youth.

Abiding Hope Lutheran Church is now harboring Michael Geilenfeld.  They are helping Geilenfeld keep his religious smokescreen in tact.  They are still raising money for the St. Joseph Home for Boys Orphanage in Haiti, Which is now closed.  It is a school, and rented as a boarding house.

You can also read historical and recent information about Michael Geilenfeld at https://www.istwanouayisyen.com.  The site might be down when you visit as it is being attacked with a DDOS attack four times in the last 4 days.  I am moving the site to a more secure server and it should be up later today.

Please take the time to read the attached affidavit.  Please read my letter to The Littleton Independent.


R Bryan Davis
Atlanta, GA

Chris Crotar - Managing Editor
Jerry Healey - President / Publisher
Littleton Independent
750 W. Hampden Ave., Suite 225
Englewood, CO 80110

Chris, David, Jerry:

Michael Geilenfeld is an accused sex offender of 30+ years, and he just arrived in Littleton, Colorado, and is being assisted by Abiding Hope Lutheran Church in Littleton, Colorado.  This man may be dangerous to children in your community. 

They are about to hold a fund-raiser called "High Tea for Haiti", inviting their members, and I suppose people throughout the community, to attend and give money to support this man.

People in your community, especially those wanting to help the poor in Haiti, members of Abiding Hope Lutheran Church, need to know that their hard earned money is going to Michael Geilenfeld who has allegedly sexually abused children in his care for 30+ years. 

Additionally, Michael Geilenfeld was arrested in the Dominican Republic in mid-April under a red Interpol Arrest Warrant for sex offenses.  DR issued a blue Interpol Arrest warrant for Michael Geilenfeld , and deported him to New York City where his enablers picked him up and transported him to Littleton, Colorado.

Please read Michael Geilenfeld Accused of Sexual Abuse for over 30 years – Stop Sexual Abuse in Haiti for more information about Michael Geinlenfeld. 

His supporters in defending Geilenfield have repetitive main themes:

  1. that the victims are lying because they want money or want to get out of Haiti and they are extorting Geilenfeld; people that allege Geilenfeld is a sex offender have something to gain or are just plain crazy;
  2. if you are religious, they will tell you that satan is behind these allegations and that you must pray to get satan out of the way.
  3. they sued Paul Kendrick for defamation and won a $14 million settlement - if so how can Geilenfeld be sexually offending children.

[1] this is just plain false.  People are desperately poor in Haiti.  When victims tell authorities about Geilenfeld's sexual abuse, they are thrown out of the orphanages into the streets.  People that stand up have been stabbed and mysteriously died.  They are threatened with weapons such as machetes.  And if you protect Geilenfeld, it is alleged you benefit in many ways, housing, food, money.

[2] If you benefit from advocating for the victims of Geilenfeld, I would be surprised. And I haven't met them.   St. Joseph's Home for Boys opened in the late 80's / early 90's Mary Kohlhaas was helping at the orphanage.  Geilenfeld left for a couple of days.  While he was gone, the children complained to Kohlhaas about their sexual abuse at the hands of Geilenfeld.  She advocated for the children for quite some time, but she gave up.  Geilenfeld kepe evading prosecution.  Why?  To this day it is still a mystery really.  Who is behind this guy.  Haiti is a deep enigma.  If these allegations of sexual abuse are true, and I believe they are, Geilenfeld, I believe, brings in literally millions of dollars into the Haitian economy.  And so do others pushing sex with young children in Haiti.  I believe the United States has a stake in keeping Geilenfeld and others like him in Haiti, or other countries, because it keeps that filthy business off our shores.  I believe Haiti has incentive to keep people like Geilenfeld in business because they bring millions of dollars into Haiti.  And I believe organized crime loves people like Geilenfeld in Haiti and other such countries; perhaps it makes for an ideal place to launder illicit money.

[3] Geilenfeld has been using the Russian playbook for 30 years.  Give your audience what it wants to hear, and you can get away with doing anything.  Sex offenders everywhere use this tactic.  But with religion is so very effective.  How can a religious man be so horrible?  No, he is a man of God, an apostle of Jesus.  He would not do this.  This is the same mechanism that allowed the many priests in the Catholic Church to get away with this behavior for decades, perhaps centuries.  Even millennia. But it is not just a Catholic behavior.  It seems to be in many denominations.

[4] Paul Kendrick is an acerbic man.  A very acerbic man.  When I first learned about the sexual abuse allegations it was in October of 2011.  I returned from my second trip to Haiti with my church.    I finally Googled "Michael Geilenfeld", and numerous information came up about sexual abuse allegations going back to 1987.  I didn't believe them.  I began to research it myself.  I learned that a priest named John Duarte, who was a protege of Michael Geilenfeld's in the early 90s, was convicted of sexually abusing the children in his care in Haiti.  April, 2010.  In fact, Geilenfeld and Duarte were educated in a seminary in Windsor, Canada.  They probably knew each other from those days.  When Mary Kohlhaas made the victims allegations public, John Duarte wrote a letter of support for Geilenfeld.  In fact, Duarte lived in the St. Joseph Home for Boys Orphanage - Geilenfeld's orphanage - for a short time.   Don Lajoie of the Windsor Star covered the story.  I called him up.  He told me "everyone knows he's (Geilenfeld) doing it.  I don't know why he hasn't cut and run by now."  Paul Kendrick actually found me.  While I was doing my own research, he saw an article I had written praising Geilenfeld.  He found my phone number and just hollered at me and insulted me over and over again.  He treats every one that way that doesn't believe that someone is sexually abusing children.  When I became convinced that the children were telling the truth, I went to my church and asked them to support an advocacy effort on behalf of the children under Geilenfeld's thumb.  They refused.  Why?  Because Kendrick called them up and insulted anyone that would pick up the phone.  He screamed so loud that people on the elder committee felt like they were the ones getting abused, not the children.  And a jury apparently felt the same way.

Geilenfeld, under the auspices of Heart With Haiti in Raleigh, North Carolina, has raised, perhaps, millions of dollars over the years, to run his orphanages in Haiti.  Yet if the many victims are to be believed, and I believe they are, he has been sexually abusing children under his care for 30+ years.  That is what the victims are saying. 

Geilenfeld was arrested in 2014 in Haiti and spent over 200 days in a Haitian jail. He was released miraculously.  Geilenfeld enablers purport that the victims never showed up in court.  This is not so.  They were represented by a Haitian lawyer, but for an unknown reason, Geilenfeld was released.  He fled to the Dominican Republic.  Where he was arrested on April 12, 2019.

If you visit Hearts With Haiti website you will notice they are still raising money for St Joseph Home for Boys.  Well, after Geilenfeld was arrested, he removed himself to the Dominican Republic.  Haiti policed padlocked St. Joseph Home for Boys.  And I understand that now it is being used as a school (Sacra Coeur).  And it is used as a guest house.  Walnes Canges and Bill Nathan, who both grew up in the orphanage, are now Geilenfeld's lieutenants.  Bill Nathan attacked a man, a victim that came public with the Geilenfeld allegations of sexual abuse as he experienced the abuse,  with a machete.  Nathan spent some time in a Haitian jail for it.  He too was released miraculously. 

Please write about this man.  Publish it soon.  Publish your writing widely.  I believe Geilenfeld may be a part of a much wider picture of sex traficking in Haiti.  Allegedly.  And we, the U.S. and Haiti justice system do not seem to care, especially about the victims.  There are hundreds of them now.  Thousands in Haiti allegedly subjected to sexual abuse by people like Geilenfeld.

See Istwa Nou Ayisyen for more information.

R Bryan Davis
Atlanta, Ga