Paul Edward Farmer, MD, PhD

Paul Edward Farmer, MD, PhD
Department of Global Health and Social Medicine
Harvard Medical School
641 Huntington Avenue
Boston, MA 02115

CC:  Staff - Global Health & Social Medicine
Dr Farmer.  I am told you have supported Michael Geilenfeld in the past.  Geilenfeld has been accused of sexually abusing children in his care for over 30+ years.  I have been told you have been a guest at Geilenfeld’s  house at St Joseph Home for Boys in Port Au Prince in the past. I have been told you are close associates or friends with a Reverend Rick Barger, President of the Haitian Timoun Foundation which still supports Michael Geilenfeld and his orphanages in Haiti.  Reverend Barger is aware of the 30+ years of sexual abuse allegation against Michael Geilenfeld.  I am confident you are aware of these allegations as well.  Yet Barger continues to raise money for Geilenfeld and his operations.  Barger and people like him are raising money now for an orphanage that has been closed down - St Joseph Home for Boys.  This seems fraudulent to me.  Moreover, as they raise money, they praise Michael Geilenfeld in the first sentence of the Haitian Timoun Foundation   page where they are asking for money.  Again, this seems like fraud.
Read Federal Agent Rod Khattabi’s affidavit ; he interviewed almost 20 survivors of Geilenfeld’s sexual abuse.  I have included some of the survivors’ testimony in the embedded images below.  I apologize, some of the information is terrible to read.
If you still support Geilenfeld I am writing you to ask you to stop.  Moreover, I am writing you to take a public and vocal stand for the children, and now children grown to men, who have allegedly suffered at the hands of Michael Geilenfeld over the years.  I believe you should be shouting in the streets about these allegations against Michael Geilenfeld.  You are a mandated reporter are you not, as a medical professional?  Yet I do not hear you.  I am asking that we hear you.  And I am asking that your colleagues be heard by these survivors as well.  Tuberculosis is a horrible disease, and I know you have done work to heal people of this throughout the world; however, I cannot think of a more horrid medical / psychological experience than having to give your body over to a sexual abuser just to eat and sleep with a roof over your head, fearing that if you don’t comply, you will be thrown out on the streets of Haiti.  I would argue that the psychological infirmity this causes is worse than tuberculosis ever was.
Geilenfeld was arrested in the Dominican Republic in April for allegations of sexual abuse under a Red Interpol Arrest Warrant.  The DR deported him to the United States so that Homeland Security could take over.  Homeland Security has not taken over.  
I believe someone is protecting Geilenfeld from justice.  I believe he is being protected in Haiti, and I believe someone or some group is protecting Geilenfeld in the United States.  
I am asking you and your colleagues to take a stand.  To take a stand with these ‘victims’.  To find who and what is keeping Geilenfeld in business when he has been accused of sexual abuse for over 30 years.   
Religious institutions throughout North America and Europe continue to send money to the Haitian Timoun foundation and to Saint Joseph Home for boys despite being aware of these 30 year allegations of sexual abuse.  Geilenfeld’s supporters say these allegations are from the devil, from Satan.  Church members are told that the poor in Haiti will say anything to try to improve themselves, including accusing Geilenfeld of Sexual Abuse.
I say horse s***.  I think the real reason Geilenfeld is able to continue what he is doing is because of the tremendous amount of money he brings into Haiti.  Additionally, he allegedly keeps this horrid practice of sexual services off shore.  And they are allegedly using religion to cover their behavior.
Someone or some group is protecting Geilenfeld and his operation.  The survivors need your help to find out who, and why.
Doug Perlitz admitted to his sexual abuse.  He is in jail now.  John Duarte served time in jail for the same.  Duarte wrote a letter of support in the early 90s for Geilenfeld when sexual abuse allegations arose then.  He defended Geilenfeld.
The survivors need your help.
Read the entire affidavit attached or at any of the following links:
Believe the children, and the children now grown to men.
Istwa Nou Ayisyen
Mandatory Reporting Requirements in North Carolina - Hearts with Haiti, a major fund-raising arm for Geilenfeld, is located in Raleigh, NC.

From: Istwa Nou
Subject: Support Haitian Timoun / Michael Geilenfeld and ...
Date: June 7, 2019 at 7:26 PM