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June 8, 2019
Christopher Weaver
Reporter, The Wall Street Journal
I read your article today, “A Suicide Attempt, and Order to Keep Silent: A U.S. Agency Mishandled Sex-Abuse Claims” in the Wall Street Journal.  Thank you for this work.
I invite you to write about another case involving an Iowan running orphanages in Haiti who has been accused of sexually abusing children in his care for more than 30 years.  A plethora of information about Michael Geilenfeld and his supporters can be found at
I travelled to St. Joseph Home for Boys with my church in the autumn of 2010, and again in 2011.  As you know, the horrible earthquake was in early 2010.  We had a troublesome and challenging experience to say the least.  Conditions were horrible.  Crumbled buildings were everywhere.  Stories of horrible death from the earthquake’s destruction were plentiful.  But we came away with hope because here was a man, Michael Geilenfeld, that had begun an orphanage in the late 80’s, and many young boys and men who had been helped by Geilenfeld’s orphanages.  I wrote a story in the airport returning home entitled “Filthy Faith .. or .. What Does Jesus Smell Like”;  You can read it at the bottom of my blog post entitled Open Letter to Ben Skinner - Author of a Crome So Monstrous & supporter of Michael Geilenfeld.  Hearts With Haiti published it on their website.
When our plane landed in Miami (2011), I learned that Steve Jobs had died.  I work as a programmer, so I was interested.  When I returned home to Atlanta, the Apple web site invited people to write about someone they thought had done great things in their life.  I thought of Michael Geilenfeld.  For the first time, I googled his name:  “Michael Geilenfeld”.  The results were full of articles about how Geilenfeld had been accused of sexually abusing children in his care for nearly 30 years.  I didn’t believe it.  I began contacting everyone I could, including Geilenfeld, to see what this was about.
A man named Paul Kendrick called me.  He cussed me out for having written my article (mentioned above).  He was rude on the phone.  He swore at me with all words imaginable.  He put me off.  If you decide to look at this story, you will learn that Kendrick is being sued by Geilenfeld / Hearts With Haiti for defamation.  He was sued in federal court and a judgement of $14 million was levied against him.  But the courts threw out the decision because the suit was brought in the wrong court.  Geilenfeld and his supporters sued again in Maine State Court, the proper venue.  That case is still open.  I believe Kendrick lost that first case for two reasons:  Geilenfeld / Hearts With Haiti are using the Roy Cohn system of fighting; never yield, always attack back;  Kendrick can be such a pluperfect ass that he treats people terribly if they don’t agree exactly with his point of view.  For example, when I went to my church and asked them to make a stand with the children, they refused, some saying that Kendrick was the one that was abusive.
What tipped the scale of my opinion was a man named Don LaJoie, a journalist in Canada with the Windsor Star, that covered the sexual abuse story about John Duarte  also a missionary in Haiti.  LaJoie told me in one phone conversation, speaking of Geilenfeld…”everyone knows he is doing it.  I can’t believe he hasn’t cut and run by this point.”  Interesting fact:  When one group of allegations of sexual abuse by Geilenfeld arose in the early 90s, several people signed a letter of support saying there was no possible way Geilenfeld was a pedophile.  It just couldn’t be.  John Duarte was a signatory of that letter.  The Haitian Coup of 1992 destroyed interest in the victims.  The coup took focus.
Time has changed my mind with Kendrick as well.  He may be a very difficult person, but without people like him, many pedophiles would be further from justice.  We owe a debt of tremendous gratitude to people like Paul Kendrick.  Paul loses a lot of friends for the sake of Truth;  I can’t think of many people I can say that of.
Things began to add up to these allegations over 30 years being true.  My mind was changed.  I began to believe the children and the children now become young men.  I asked Hearts With Haiti to take my article down from their website.
Geilenfeld was arrested in Haiti … and let go because the accusers did not show up for a court appearance.  Their lawyer failed to register with the court, (he worked in another district), thus he did not get notified of the hearing, so the victims were not notified.  One wonders why the lawyer was not notified.  One wonders why he did not register as a guest lawyer in the district.  To save money?  It is said that Geilenfeld’s reach is wide and deep with coin, and his largess swells when he gets in trouble with the law.
Geilenfeld’s orphanage St. Joseph Home for Boys was shut down by Haitian authorities in 2015, but his supporters continue to raise money for that closed orphanage.  Geilenfeld was arrested in the Dominican Republic in April of 2019 under a Red Interpol Arrest Warrant.  The DR held him shortly, issued a Blue Interpol Arrest, and deported him to the United States.  And his supporters are harboring him.  Our justice system did not pick him up.  Word had him in Littleton, Colorado.  Yet now he is off the radar.  He could be in Raleigh, N.C. where Hearts With Haiti is located; they continue to raise money for “the St. Joseph Family” even though the orphanage has been closed by the Haitian authorities.  He could be in Iowa where one of his staunch supporters is from, Rene Dietrich.  Rene has been by Geilenfeld’s side for years in Haiti, and I know she is aware of 30+ years of allegations.
I think he is being helped by someone or some group in both Haiti and the United States.  He’s arrested.  Then let go.  He’s arrested.  Then let go.  I think he brings in too much hard currency to Haiti for the Haitians to want to stop him.  If he is running sex services using the boys, that would seem to incentivize the U.S. Government to turn an eye; keep that offshore and the US can ignore it!  There is no clear explanation.  Perhaps organized crime is also at play.  
Perhaps your skills could flush out the reason this man is still in business.  And may I suggest you contact Valerie Dirksen; her email is above.  I suggest you contact Paul Kendrick.  I can give you his contact information if you cannot find him.  Valerie and Paul will give you deeper insight than I can give.  Valerie and Paul are coming at this from different angles: Valerie, I believe, is more concerned with the survivors;  Paul works to get the perpetrators off the street.  See my blog -  You will find many people I believe you should contact.  Mary Kholhaus (victims of Geilenfeld’s sexual abuse reached out to her in the early 90s), Cyrus Siebert (Haitian Journalist), Paul Farmer….
See below an email I sent to Paul Farmer MD, PhD yesterday.  I copied all of his colleagues at the Harvard Blavatnik Institute of Global Health & Social Medicine.
"Je n’ai fait celle-ci plus longue que parce que je n’ai pas eu le loisir de la faire plus courte."
Robert Bryan Davis
cc:  Valerie Dirksen - Advocate for survivors of Geilenfeld’s alleged sexual abuse
       Preston Lennon - writer for The Daily Tarheel, UNC-Chapel Hill
Paul Edward Farmer, MD, PhD
Department of Global Health and Social Medicine
Harvard Medical School
641 Huntington Avenue

Boston, MA 02115
CC:  Staff - Global Health & Social Medicine
Dr Farmer.  I am told you have supported Michael Geilenfeld in the past.  Geilenfeld has been accused of sexually abusing children in his care for over 30+ years.  I have been told you have been a guest at Geilenfeld’s  house at St Joseph Home for Boys in Port Au Prince in the past. I have been told you are close associates or friends with a Reverend Rick Barger, President of the Haitian Timoun Foundation which still supports Michael Geilenfeld and his orphanages in Haiti.  Reverend Barger is aware of the 30+ years of sexual abuse allegation against Michael Geilenfeld.  I am confident you are aware of these allegations as well.  Yet Barger continues to raise money for Geilenfeld and his operations.  Barger and people like him are raising money now for an orphanage that has been closed down - St Joseph Home for Boys.  This seems fraudulent to me.  Moreover, as they raise money, they praise Michael Geilenfeld in the first sentence of the Haitian Timoun Foundation   page where they are asking for money.  Again, this seems like fraud.
Read Federal Agent Rod Khattabi’s affidavit ; he interviewed almost 20 survivors of Geilenfeld’s sexual abuse.  I have included some of the survivors’ testimony in the embedded images below.  I apologize, some of the information is terrible to read.
If you still support Geilenfeld I am writing you to ask you to stop.  Moreover, I am writing you to take a public and vocal stand for the children, and now children grown to men, who have allegedly suffered at the hands of Michael Geilenfeld over the years.  I believe you should be shouting in the streets about these allegations against Michael Geilenfeld.  You are a mandated reporter are you not, as a medical professional?  Yet I do not hear you.  I am asking that we hear you.  And I am asking that your colleagues be heard by these survivors as well.  Tuberculosis is a horrible disease, and I know you have done work to heal people of this throughout the world; however, I cannot think of a more horrid medical / psychological experience than having to give your body over to a sexual abuser just to eat and sleep with a roof over your head, fearing that if you don’t comply, you will be thrown out on the streets of Haiti.  I would argue that the psychological infirmity this causes is worse than tuberculosis ever was.
Geilenfeld was arrested in the Dominican Republic in April for allegations of sexual abuse under a Red Interpol Arrest Warrant.  The DR deported him to the United States so that Homeland Security could take over.  Homeland Security has not taken over.  
I believe someone is protecting Geilenfeld from justice.  I believe he is being protected in Haiti, and I believe someone or some group is protecting Geilenfeld in the United States.  
I am asking you and your colleagues to take a stand.  To take a stand with these ‘victims’.  To find who and what is keeping Geilenfeld in business when he has been accused of sexual abuse for over 30 years.   
Religious institutions throughout North America and Europe continue to send money to the Haitian Timoun foundation and to Saint Joseph Home for boys despite being aware of these 30 year allegations of sexual abuse.  Geilenfeld’s supporters say these allegations are from the devil, from Satan.  Church members are told that the poor in Haiti will say anything to try to improve themselves, including accusing Geilenfeld of Sexual Abuse.
I say horse s***.  I think the real reason Geilenfeld is able to continue what he is doing is because of the tremendous amount of money he brings into Haiti.  Additionally, he allegedly keeps this horrid practice of sexual services off shore.  And they are allegedly using religion to cover their behavior.
Someone or some group is protecting Geilenfeld and his operation.  The survivors need your help to find out who, and why.
Doug Perlitz admitted to his sexual abuse.  He is in jail now.  John Duarte served time in jail for the same.  Duarte wrote a letter of support in the early 90s for Geilenfeld when sexual abuse allegations arose then.  He defended Geilenfeld.
The survivors need your help.
Read the entire affidavit attached or at any of the following links:
Believe the children, and the children now grown to men.
Istwa Nou Ayisyen

Mandatory Reporting Requirements in North Carolina - Hearts with Haiti, a major fund-raising arm for Geilenfeld, is located in Raleigh, NC.