Affidavit of Rod Khattabi – Part I

Docket No.: CV-16-313


I, Rod Khattabi, having first been duly sworn, hereby depose and say:

1. - I graduated from SUNY with a Bachelor's of Science degree in Business Administration. In addition, I have received formal training at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center in 1995 and 1997 as well attended advanced federal law enforcement training. My language abilities include a speaking knowledge in French, Moroccan dialect, German, Arabic, and Haitian Creole.

2. I started my career in federal law enforcement in 1995 where I joined the Internal Revenue Service's Criminal Investigations Division ("IRS-CID") within the United States Department of Treasury, in Bridgeport, Connecticut, where I investigated criminal tax fraud and money laundering cases. A couple of years later, I then transferred to the Legacy United States Customs Service ("USCS") in New York City, New York where I investigated a variety of federal criminal violations including and not limited to child exploitation, human trafficking, theft of cultural property, terrorism, narcotics, money laundering, fraud, and illegal exportation of controlled items. I have also done long-term undercover work and infiltrated a Russian­ organized crime syndicate.

3. I was also assigned on temporary details/assignments in a variety of countries including and not limited to Philippines, France, Germany, Nicaragua, Morocco, Haiti, Oman, South Africa, Dominican Republic, Belgium, and Luxembourg. I have investigated and coordinated major criminal investigations around the world. Most significantly, I have investigated a criminal organization that sold narcotics and illegally exported weapons to a militant Islamist group that operates in the Philippines.

4. In 2003, the United States Customs Service ("USCS") was merged with the Immigration and Naturalization Service ("INS") under the United States Department of Homeland Security. The agency became known as the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Homeland Security Investigations (ICE-HSI). In 2006, I was then detailed to Connecticut to work with a team that successfully tried Hassan Abu-Jihaad, an enlistee in the
U.S. Navy who leaked classified information to a jihadi website in London. I have remained in Connecticut since then, first as a special agent for Homeland Security Investigations ("HSI") and eventually overseeing the New Haven office of the Department of Homeland Security. During my tenure as a federal agent, I have investigated numerous criminal cases and notably the following:

  • US v. Douglas Perlitz (Perlitz was convicted for abusing Haitian street boys in a program he designed to feed, educate and clothe them);
  • US v. Jessie Osmun (Osmun was a Peace Corps volunteer, convicted for sexually abusing girls as young as 4 in a South African HIV-encampment. Osmun was sentenced to 15 years in prison);
  • US v. Edgardo Sensi and Laura Culver (Sensi was convicted for forcing young girls in Connecticut and Nicaragua to engage in sexually explicit conduct. The girls were between 4 and 8 years old. Edgardo Sensi was sentenced to 85 years in prison);
  • US v. Bahar Ahmad, Syed Talha Ahsan, and Hassan Abu Jihaad (convicted of providing material support of terrorism and sentenced to the statutory maximum of 10 years in prison);
  • US v. El Mehdi Semlali Fathi (plotted to bomb federal buildings. Convicted and sentenced).

5. As an investigator I increasingly worked on child exploitation cases, both in Connecticut and abroad, pursuant to that portion of the so-called "PROTECT Act," 18 U.S.C. §2423(c), that makes it illegal for a U.S. citizen to travel to or reside in a foreign country and engage in sexual acts with a person under 18. Over a period of years I led teams into Nicaragua, South Africa, and Haiti to gather evidence of trafficking and sexual abuse of children by United States citizens that could support criminal prosecutions of them in the United States federal court.

6. The investigation I led in Haiti focused on a United States citizen, Douglas Perlitz, who operated a few facilities in Cap-Haitien to feed and shelter street boys. Mr. Perlitz was indicted in United States District Court in Connecticut for violating the PROTECT Act by having sex with a number of Haitian boys. He entered a guilty plea in December 2010 and received a sentence of 19 years in prison.

7. Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. Several hundred thousand children, mostly boys, live in the streets because their parents cannot provide for them. Hundreds of "orphanages," many operated by foreigners, have sprung up to offer shelter to these children. In addition to Mr. Perlitz, an American citizen named Matthew Andrew (a/k/a Bill) Carter operated a similar facility in Croix des Bouquets. Mr. Carter was tried under the PROTECT Act in United States District Court in Miami, Florida, in 2013, convicted of sexually abusing many Haitian boys, and sentenced to 165 years in prison. Daniel Pye, another United States citizen who operated a facility for children in Haiti, was tried for sexually abusing young girls and convicted two weeks ago in the same court where Carter had been tried; his sentencing has been set for January.

8. In recognition of these achievements, I have received numerous awards including, but not limited to:

  • Investigation Award for Excellence, for leading the investigative team for the U.S. vs. Jesse Osmun investigation (2014)
  • Peace Corps Award, for excellence in conducting a complex international investigation of serial child sexual abuse by a former Peace Corps volunteer in South Africa (2013)
  • Connecticut U.S. Attorney's Award for Exceptional Contributions to Law Enforcement, for leadership in protecting children from sexual abuse and exploitation (2012)
  • Excellence in Law Enforcement Award, for extraordinary achievement, strong leadership, and dedicated teamwork (2012)
  • Honorable Mention Recognition by the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (2012)
  • Medal of Valor from the United States Customs Service, for heroic actions during the 9/11 terrorist attacks (2001)

9. In September 2015, I left government service to accept an offer of employment in the private sector. Some of my responsibilities include the advising and training of law enforcement authorities in the United States and in other nations in combating human trafficking and child sex abuse . In June 2017, I was invited by members associated with the Haitian government to lead an all-day training session in Port-au-Prince for Haitian police, prosecutors, lawyers, judges, law students, and victim service providers about how to address the problems of child sex abuse and sex tourism in Haiti, and the role of the PROTECT Act.

10. At the end of the year 2016, I was asked by Paul Kendrick's attorney David Walker and at a later date by an additional attorney for Paul Kendrick, John Whitman, to undertake an investigation of allegations that Michael Geilenfeld, a United States citizen, had engaged in sexual abuse of Haitian boys from the early 1980's until he left Haiti in 2015 or subsequently. I started this investigation on my own time. I met with Attorney Whitman for the first time on January 29, 2017 to discuss and assess the case.

11. From January 2017 through October 2017, all told, approximately 300 hours was spent on the investigation. In addition, I have been assisted in Haiti by a team of several persons whom I knew from my previous experience in Haiti to be, knowledgeable, diligent, and trustworthy. In the course of my investigation I have made three (3) trips to Haiti in April, June, and September 2017. There are still many leads to be pursued.

12. During the first week of April, 2017 I interviewed, in Haiti, a number of potential witnesses including the following. Witnesses who suffered or observed child sex abuse by Michael Geilenfeld at St. Joseph's Home for Boys (SJHB) are identified by number, for present purposes, in order to preserve confidentiality.

a. Witness #1 was born in 1996. At the age of ten he was at an "orphanage" operated by Matthew Andrew Carter, a/k/a "Mr. Bill." One day in 2006, Carter told Witness #1 that he was sending him to an "orphanage" operated by his friend, Michael; and a few days later Michael Geilenfeld came and took Witness #1 to SJHB. Carter and Geilenfeld both told Witness #1 that he would have to choose living on the street, or agreeing to have sex with Geilenfeld. Over a period of more than six years, he was required to perform oral sex on Geilenfeld on a weekly basis, and occasionally forced to submit to anal penetration by Geilenfeld.

b.Witness #2 was born in 1987; both his parents died before he was 6 years old. He entered SJHB when he was 12, and was sexually abused on a frequent and regular basis by Geilenfeld, who demanded oral sex (ejaculating in Witness #2's mouth) and anal intercourse (which on at least one occasion resulted in blood coming from Witness #2's anus). He also related that early in his stay at SJHB he was subjected to inappropriate sexual touching by a member of Hearts with Haiti who was visiting from North Carolina.

c. Witness #3, born in 1996, lived at Trinity House (Geilenfeld's operation in Jacmel) for a year, and then was brought to SJHB at age 13. Early in his stay, Geilenfeld kissed him and tried to take his pants down, but he ran away. As a result, he was threatened by an older boy widely known as Geilenfeld's "wife" not to tell anyone about the attempted sexual encounter. Later, when Witness #3 was 16, this older boy ambushed him and stabbed him in the chest, requiring a two-week stay in a hospital operated by "Medecins Sans Frontieres". In 2014 Witness #3 was kicked out of SJHB with six other boys who had complained about Geilenfeld's mistreatment and sexual abuse.

d. Witness #4 was born in 1993 and was 13 when he was brought to SJHB. Like Witness #1, he came to SJHB from Matthew Andrew Carter's similar facility. He was not himself sexually abused but was physically abused. He observed that boys who refused to have sex with Geilenfeld were treated like slaves, while those who had sex with Geilenfeld conspicuously received gifts such as shoes, laptops, iPhones and other nice things. He heard Geilenfeld instructing young boys to see him in his bedroom after evening prayers, and he witnessed young boys entering and leaving Geilenfeld' s bedroom.

e. Witness #5 entered SJHB in 1998 when he was 5 years old and left when he was 11, at which time he had not yet been sexually abused. He observed that in order for a boy to receive benefits, he would have to have some sort of sexual relationship with Geilenfeld. He was physically abused by Geilenfeld and eventually kicked out of SJHB because he refused to accept mistreatment any longer.

f. Witness #6 was born in 1995 and entered Geilenfeld's program when he was 9 years old, but he spent the first four years at Jacmel and had no contact with Geilenfeld. When he was 13 he was sent to SJHB. One day when he was mopping the floor, Geilenfeld asked him to come to his bedroom to mop. Once there, Geilenfeld pulled down his pants, instructed him to lean over the bed, and penetrated him in the anus. He recaHed that GeiJenfeld did not use a condom. Although Witness #6 was bleeding from the anus, Geilenfeld did not take him to the hospital and he was obliged to go to an illegal clinic. Thereafter, when Geilenfeld would attempt to hug him he would push Geilenfeld away. Witness #6 stated that in 2015 Bill Nathan (Geilenfeld's top assistant) approached him in the street, told him to keep his mouth shut about Geilenfeld, and gave him $300 (Haitian).

g. Witness #7 was born in 1977, entered SJHB when he was 10, and left in 1991. When he was about 12, Geilenfeld invited him to his bedroom and
had Witness #7 sit on his lap. Geilenfeld began touching his chest and unbuttoning his pants, then put his hand inside and began touching his penis. Witness #7 did not like this but was scared. Geilenfeld was smoking, possibly marijuana, and puffing the smoke in Witness #7 face, causing him to become dizzy and possibly un conscious. Then he was naked on the couch in the bedroom and Geilenfeld was behind him, penetrating his anus. He began to cry and noticed there was blood. Geilenfeld gave him some candies and told him it was their secret and not to say anything. Witness #7 stated that after this incident he cried for a week and never told anyone about it until many years later. He remembers that the sexual abuse happened around mid-afternoon, in the same week when another boy, his best friend, drowned at a beach where several boys had been taken by Geilenfeld's friend, John Duarte, a Canadian priest who was later imprisoned in Canada for sexually abusing boys.

h. I met with Inspecteur General Rameau Normil of the Haitian National Police in Port-au-Prince. Following our meeting, he caused a Haitian criminal case against Geilenfeld (No. I7-0289) to be opened, and assigned three members of the Haitian National Police to the case.

i. I met with Arielle Villedrouin, Director of the lnstitut du Bien-Etre Social et de Recherches (Haitian Social Services Agency), at IBESR headquarters in Port-au-Prince. She stated that Geilenfeld was known to her and that IBESR had received numerous complaints of sexual abuse perpetrated by him . She stated that in January 2014 she concluded that SJHB was in violation of decrees established in 1971 and 1983 and had received many complaints. A letter signed by her and dated January 31, 2014 was served on the leadership of SJHB, instructing them that IBESR was removing all minors from its premises, and no minors would be allowed to stay there. A copy of that letter is attached hereto as Exhibit A.

13. In April and May 2017 I interviewed the following witnesses outside of Haiti.

a. I conducted telephone interviews over two days with Mary Kohlhaas. She related that on September 3, 1990 she traveled to Haiti from her home in Minnesota to take charge of SJHB while Geilenfeld was away on a fundraising tour of the United States with five boys from SJHB. Her sister, Carol, had worked at SJHB but had resigned and was returning to the U.S. While Geilenfeld was away, a number of boys at SJHB came forward with complaints of physical and sexual abuse by Geilenfeld. Ms. Kohlhaas' account is set forth in detail in a contemporaneous affidavit signed by her in January 1991, a copy of which is attached hereto as Exhibit B.

b. In May 2017 I met with Witness #8 in Massachusetts, where he lives. Born in 1973, he met Geilenfeld in Port-au-Prince when he was about ten years old, at which time he moved into a house operated by the Brothers of Charity in Port-au-Prince. Geilenfeld was also living there, and promptly began sexualJy abusing him, sucking his penis until it got hard and then masturbating him. Witness #8 recalled that in 1984 Geilenfeld left Haiti and returned to the U.S.; he believes that because of the sexual abuse, the Brothers asked him to leave. In 1985, Geilenfeld returned to Haiti and asked 5 boys, including Witnesses # 8, 13, and 17, to move into a house with him, first at Delmas 58 and then Delmas 91, which he called SJHB. For the next five years Geilenfeld sexually abused Witness #8 on a regular basis, taking him to his bedroom to suck his penis and masturbate him. He left SJHB when he was 17 years old.

c. In May 2017 I also interviewed Witness #9 in Massachusetts. He has been very handicapped physically from childhood. He stated that he was never sexually molested but was physically mistreated by Geilenfeld. Geilenfeld insisted that he dance in the dance troupe, because his condition attracted sympathy and helped to raise money; and GeiJenfeld would hit him if he protested.

d. In May 2017 I interviewed Witness #10, who lives in Massachusetts. He was born in 1979 and was brought to SJHB when he was almost 17. On a number of occasions Geilenfeld made sexual advances, hugging him, touching his penis, telling him that he needed to "make the sacrifice," and sucking his penis. He reported these abuses to a woman in a group of visitors to SJHB, and to the then-Director of IBESR, who instructed him to say nothing and gave him transportation money for the return trip. Later, Geilenfeld told Witness #10 that he talked too much. He was given a small amount of money and asked never to return.

14. During the first week of June, 2017 I returned to Haiti and interviewed additional potential witnesses, including the following:

a. Witness #11 was born in 1979 and was placed at SJHB when he was 13. Over a period of time, GeiJenfeld invited him repeatedly to his bedroom to play cards (Blackjack), usually for about two hours in the afternoon. Geilenfeld would always hug him when he entered the room. On one occasion Geilenfeld kissed him on the mouth, and he pushed Geilenfeld away. On repeated occasions Geilenfeld told Witness #11 that "if you don't want to live on the street, make the sacrifice." Geilenfeld would tell him that he liked him and "you need to decide what you want to do with your life, you need to sacrifice if you want to travel." Witness #11 said that he was not willing "to make the sacrifice." Geilenfeld tried to force him by hugging and kissing him. In 1999 Geilenfeld kicked him out of SJHB because he was saying that Geilenfeld was a pedophile.

b. Witness #12 started working as a security guard at SJHB in 2006. He stated that it was common knowledge at SJHB and throughout the neighborhood that Geilenfeld was sexually abusing children there. He was present and witnessed the stabbing of Witness #3, three times in the collarbone area, by an older boy. Three days later, Geilenfeld paid bail money for the release of that older boy from jail. Witness #12 confirmed that there are no more children living at SJHB, and it is used as a hotel. SJHB remains shut down as per the order of the Institut du Bien­ etre social et de Recherches (IBESR).

c. Witness #13 was born in 1963. When he was 16 he was cared for by the Sisters of Charity, and he met Geilenfeld who was a member of the Brothers of Charity in Pele, Cite de Soleil, in Port-au-Prince. There were four Brothers living there. On one occasion, while Witness #13 was in line waiting to get food, Geilenfeld beat him up with his fists. On another occasion in 1979, he witnessed Geilenfeld brutally punish a child who was six or seven years old and epileptic. The child had pooped in his pants and Geilenfeld put gloves on and smeared the poop on the child's face. This incident occurred in a big room where all of the children stayed. Witness #13 recalled that in 1980 or 1981 Geilenfeld had some problems with the Brothers and returned to the United States. Brother Adrien told him that Geilenfeld was a pedophile. From 2002 to 2014 Witness #13 worked at Wings of Hope, a residential facility for handicapped children in Fermathe, also supported by Hearts with Haiti. He would go to SJHB to pick up money to pay bills. He stated that Geilenfeld directed everything and controlled the money.

d. Witness #14 was born in 1976 and entered SJHB in 1987. In 1988 or 1989, in the early morning hours, he awoke and felt someone lying next to him. It was Geilenfeld, who told him not to make any noise, touched his stomach, grabbed his penis and told him to turn around and lie on his stomach. Witness #14 said his stomach was hurting him. Geilenfeld then went to another boy's bed. He had a dildo. Witness #14 woke up early in the morning and noticed some white stuff on the butt of the other boy, who usually slept naked. At breakfast that morning the other boy was served a croissant and other breakfast items usually reserved for visitors from the United States. Thereafter, he often observed the other boy entering Geilenfeld's bedroom. Geilenfeld had a dog named Mickey and had the dog attack children at SJHB. Because of the sexual abuse going on, Witness #14 and two other boys left SJHB in 1990 and lived on the streets. In 2012 he posted fliers denouncing Geilenfeld as a pedophile.

e. Attorney Emmanuel Jeanty has represented, pro bono, a group of men who resided at SJHB as boys, including Witnesses #8, 9, 11, and 18. He stated as follows. On February 11, 2014 he filed in court in Port-au-Prince a complaint against Geilenfeld alleging sexual assault and rape when they were boys. A copy of the complaint is attached hereto as Exhibit C. He was warned not to take the case. One day while he was driving he lost a wheel and had an accident; he was told by the mechanic that someone had loosened the bolts on the wheel. On July 3, 2014 an arrest warrant was issued for Geilenfeld by Judge Al Duniel Dimanche. A copy of the arrest warrant is attached hereto as Exhibit D. Geilenfeld was arrested by the Haitian National Police on September 5, 2014 and placed in prison. On January 22, 2015, Judge Dimanche ruled at a hearing that there was enough evidence to pursue criminal actions against Geilenfeld for rape and sexual abuse. On April 29, 2015, however, in the absence of Attorney Jeanty and his clients, a different judge released Geilenfeld from prison. Haitian Prosecutor Farah Cadet filed an appeal on May 6, 2015 contesting Geilenfeld's release, and on May 8, 2015 Prosecutor Cadet requested the Haitian Immigration Services to interdict the departure of Geilenfeld from Haiti, indicating that he was under criminal investigation

f. Attorney Jacky Pierre represents a group of young men who formerly resided at SJHB as boys, including Witnesses #1, 2, and 3. I obtained a copy of the complaint filed in court in Port-au-Prince on November 4, 2015 against Geilenfeld, alleging sexual assault and rape of his clients. A copy of that document is attached hereto as Exhibit E. I also obtained a copy of the October 29, 2015 warrant for the arrest of Geilenfeld on those charges, issued by the court. A copy of the arrest warrant is attached hereto as Exhibit F.

15. In June and July 2017, I interviewed the following witnesses outside of Haiti.

a. I conducted telephone interviews over three (3) days with Witness #15. He stated that he was employed by Geilenfeld in Haiti from 1990 through 1999 to perform cooking, housekeeping and other chores at SJHB. He recalled that Geilenfeld owned a dog by the name of Mickey and would use the dog against the children, to scare them. He stated that John Duarte, who was enrolled as a missionary in order to become a priest, would handle the Canadian visitors who stayed at SJHB . (He did not find out until later that Duarte was arrested in the Dominican Republic for sexual abuse of children.) He described an incident that took place in 1991. He and several others were sleeping on the third floor at SJHB when they were awakened in the early morning hours by the sound of someone crying downstairs, on the second floor. They went downstairs and realized that the crying came from Geilenfeld's bedroom and he perceived that it was one of the young boys who was crying. They knocked on Geilenfeld's door, threatening to call the police if he did not open it. Eventually Geilenfeld did open the door and let the boy leave the room. Witness #15 stated that the group asked Geilenfeld to stop sexually abusing the children. At first, he did not want to talk to them, but they threatened again that they were going to notify the authorities. Geilenfeld then promised that he would stop sexually abusing the children.

b. I conducted telephone interviews over two days with Witness #16. He was hired as a cook at SJHB in 1989, at the age of 17. Geilenfeld tried more than once to have sex with him, squeezing his buttock and lying down next to him in bed. He was living at SJHB in 1990 when Geilenfeld had taken his troupe of dancers (Resurrection Dance Theatre) on a tour of the United States to raise money, and SJHB was overseen by Mary Kohlhaas in his absence and the boys revolted against Geilenfeld. Witness #16 stated that he used to see children go into Geilenfeld's bedroom. He was one of the group who were awakened in the night by the sound of crying from the floor below them, investigated, found that the sound came from Geilenfeld's bedroom, and banged on his door. When the door opened, a young boy (12 to 14 years old) left the room. Witness #16 told Geilenfeld that it was better to leave the children in the streets, rather than bringing them to SJHB, feeding them, and then sexually abusing them. Geilenfeld promised to stop sexually abusing children. Witness #16 also confirmed that John Duarte was a friend of Geilenfeld' s.

16. During the first week of September, 2017 I visited again the offices of the Haitian National Police, and I also interviewed two witnesses.

a. Witness #17 was born in 1965. In 1980 or 1981, at age 16, he encountered Geilenfeld in Pele, Cite de Soleil, in Port-au-Prince. Geilenfeld was a member of the Brothers of Charity, and a building was under construction in Pele to house the Brothers and the children who gathered there to be fed. Witness #17, whose older brother had taught Geilenfeld to speak Creole, was allowed to stay in the building. The children slept in a large rectangular room on mattresses; Geilenfeld slept in an adjoining room, which he used to sexually abuse children. There was a mattress adjacent to the connecting door, and each day Geilenfeld would instruct the children who should use that mattress; that was the child who would be abused that night. He was first sexually abused in the spring of 1981, and for the next two years and beyond Geiienfeld had sex with him (both oral sex and anal penetration) about three times a week, On two separate occasions, GeiJenfeld took him by bus to Cap Haitien as if they were tourists, where they stayed at a hotel and slept in the same bed. Later in 1983 Geilenfeld took him to Iowa and they stayed at Geilenfeld's parents' house. Later that year Geilenfeld left Haiti. When he returned he distanced himself from the Brothers of Charity and opened his own orphanage.

b. Witness #18 was born in 1981 and placed in a government-run orphanage when he was seven years old. Geilenfeld used to go to that orphanage from time to time to pick up new boys for SJHB, and in 1989 GeiJenfeld chose him and brought him to SJHB. When he was 12, Geilenfeld began to grope and caress him, particularly his buttocks. Although he rejected these sexual advances, other boys taunted him by calling him "Madame Blanc" (white man's wife). He suffered a lot of physical abuse such as punching and face slapping by Geilenfeld, and he was bitten by Geilenfeld's dog, Mickey, which would attack the children on Geilenfeld's command. Witness #18 was a member of the "Resurrection Dance Theatre" group that performed in a number of American cities in 1995. In Detroit the group complained on Geilenfeld's sexual abuse to the Detroit police. Upon their return to Haiti, Geilenfeld kicked them out of SJHB. When Witness #18 was 15 or 16, Geilenfeld would summon him to his bedroom for "English lessons," but would attempt to have sex with him, rubbing his legs and fondling his penis and balls. Witness #18 also stated that Michael Brewer, an American pedophile, used to live with Geilenfeld at SJHB.

17. Immediately following each of my three (3) trips to Haiti in April, June, and September 2017, I submitted detailed written reports to Attorneys Whitman and Walker, who provided copies to Paul Kendrick. Mr. Kendrick would then speak to me at length by telephone about the information in my reports.

18. The Statements made in this Affidavit are based on my personal Knowledge.

Rod Khattabi
State of Connecticut - County of Fairfield
November 17, 2017

Before me personally appeared the above-named Rod Khattabi and swore that the statements made in the foregoing Affidavit, signed by him, are true.

Brian W. Aiken - Notary Public, State of Connecticut
My Commission Expires July 31, 2019

The reporting writer, Rod Khattabi, initiated an investigation on behalf of Attorney John Whitman from Richardson, Whitman, Large, and Badger, Attorneys At Law and Attorney David Walker from Rudman and Winchell, Counselors At Law. Both firms are respectively located in Portland and Bangor, Maine.

The investigation is to determine whether an individual named Michael Karl GEil.ENFELD has sexually abused Haitian children in Haiti while managing and directing an orphanage named St. Joseph Home for Boys located at Delmas 91 in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Michael Karl GEil.ENFELD also directed Wings of Hope located in Jacmel, Haiti, and Trinity House located in Fermathe, Haiti. The investigation will cover a period from January 1985 through present.

This report details the receipt of a court document obtained on June 2, 2017 at the courthouse in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.


This report details the receipt of a court document obtained on June 2, 2017 at the courthouse in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. In sum and substance, the following information was obtained.

A request was made to the Haitian court in order to obtain a certified document attesting that there is an outstanding arrest warrant for Michael GEILENFELD dated October 29, 2015. The number assigned to this arrest warrant is 394.

A research was conducted in the court log book verifying the issuance of an arrest warrant for GEil.ENFELD on October 29, 2015. The charges are rape, sexual abuse, and identity theft.

Upon verifying the validity of the arrest warrant, the clerk's office from the courthouse in Port­ au-Prince issued a certified document attesting the above facts and that the arrest warrant for Michael GEILENFELD is outstanding.

The arrest warrant and the certified attestation from the clerk's office at the courthouse in Port­ au-Prince are attached to this report.

No further information was obtained.