Child Protection Advocates Write Letter to U.S. Ambassador to Haiti. Call for Investigation of Child Sex Abuse Allegations Against U.S. Citizen, Michael Geilenfeld.

June 1, 2011

Kenneth H. Merten

Ambassador to the Republic of Haiti

Embassy of the United States

Tabarre 41, Boulevard 15

Port au Prince, Haiti

Dear Mr. Ambassador,

We, the undersigned child protection advocates, are calling upon you to immediately investigate allegations that children are being physically and sexually abused by U.S. citizen, Michael Geilenfeld, founder and executive director of the St. Joseph’s Homes in Haiti.

It has been discouraging for us to learn that child sex abuse complaints against Geilenfeld have been know to U.S. Embassy investigators in Port au Prince for the past twenty years, yet Geilenfeld remains in Haiti with unlimited access to vulnerable children.

Since the 1980s, boys, men and visitors to the St. Joseph’s Homes have alleged emotional, physical and sexual abuse by Geilenfeld and some of his associates. Geilenfeld denies the allegations.

Please note that child abuse allegations against Geilenfeld are documented as early as 1987 in Boston; 1990 in Haiti and the U.S.; 1995 in Detroit; 1997 in UK and Haiti; 1999 in Haiti; 2006-2007 in Haiti and U.S.

We believe it is the moral obligation of the United States of America to investigate and prosecute U.S. citizens who commit crimes against children anywhere in the world and especially in earthquake ravaged Haiti where children are even more vulnerable.

We look forward to your response.


Robert Hoatson, President, Road to Recovery, 862-368-2800

Paul Kellen, National Survivor Advocacy Coalition, 781-395-3628

Ruth Moore, Speak Truth to Power, 781-264-6519

Michael Sweatt, National Survivor Advocacy Coalition, 207-831-3791

cc: Rod Khatabbi, Special Agent, Department of Homeland Security

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