Epiphany Lutheran Church of Suwanee

Epiphany Lutheran Church - Church Staff
1350 Peachtree Industrial Boulevard
Suwanee, Georgia

  • Chris Hermansen, Pastor
  • Steve Belfield, Minister for Worship Leadership
  • Tony Bullard, Minister for Worship, Music, and Youth
  • Erin Murphy, Music Ministry Associate
  • Laurie Tinc, Administrator of Mission and Ministry
  • Loren Means, Communications Director
  • John Murray, Treasurer

Epiphany Lutheran Church continues to support Haitian Timoun Foundation and Michael Geilenfeld

even though you have been aware for years that Michael Geilenfeld has been accused of sexually abusing children in his care for over 30 years. But you still don’t believe the children. Your pastor apparently claims he has never heard of this problem. Is this possible? Your church has known about this for almost 10 years, probably more. Your previous pastor, Rick Barger, continues to support Geilenfeld. He continues to travel to Haiti in support of this alleged pedophile.

When justice is finally brought to Michael Geilenfeld and others in his sphere, one question will stand out amongst others: why did you continue to support Michael Geilenfeld and his orphanages with thousands of dollars when you knew he has been accused of sexually abusing children in his care for over 30 years.

Read Federal Agent Rod Khattabi’s affidavit - he interviewed some of the victims. read what the boys at St Joseph Home for Boys have experienced at the hands of Michael Geilenfeld. I urge you to Stop supporting Geilenfeld and Haitian Timoun Foundation immediately, and start working to help the victims.

I recommend your church make a public statement that you will stop supporting Michael Geilenfeld, and that your church begin work helping the many victims at Geilenfeld’s hands, and at the hands of others in Geilenfeld’s sphere. And reach out to all churches who have supported this organization in the past.

Read the entire affidavit attached or at any of the following links:

https://www.istwanouayisyen.com/rod-khattabi-affadavit/ or https://www.istwanouayisyen.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/4501_001.pdf or https://www.istwanouayisyen.com/affidavit-of-rod-khattabi-part-i/ and https://www.istwanouayisyen.com/2336-2/

Believe the children, and the children now grown to men.

Istwa Nou Ayisyen