Geilenfeld arrested in Dominican Republic

Haitian orphanage founder arrested in Dominican Republic

April 13 at 4:25 PM

SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic — Police in the Dominican Republic have arrested a Haiti orphanage founder who’s accused of molesting boys in his care.

National police spokesman Col. Frank Felix Duran Mejia confirmed Saturday that Michael Geilenfeld was taken into custody. He did not say whether any charges had been filed and declined to specify whether Geilenfeld would be extradited to the U.S. or another country.

Seven men have accused Geilenfeld of sexually abusing them as boys.

Geilenfeld is a U.S. citizen who contends the assertions have ruined his reputation, cost the Hearts with Haiti charity several million dollars in donations and led him to be falsely imprisoned for 237 days.

An abuse survivors group said Friday that Geilenfeld had fled to the Dominican Republic to avoid arrest and prosecution in Haiti.

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As of April 29, 2019, three comments were left about this article on the Washington Posts web site.  Please see them below:

What’s absolutely amazing is this pedophile is indeed Teflon coated. He’s still in charge of the charity. I did stay at Joseph’s home for boys post Irma and felt a bad vibe there. I wasn’t shocked nor surprised to find out about the abuses.  He now slithers into the Dominican for fresh prey. 

Horrified that the man walks free. And still heads the charitable organization. 

Beware of supporting orphanages in either country. Do due diligence and contact IBESR and find the tiny list of purportedly safe orphanages before supporting them. 

As your intentions may be good but sadly in Haiti and in the Dominican Republic it’s a business that does nothing but break up families and expose innocent kids to abuse 

Do look and see if the said orphanage you support believes in putting these kids back with their families . Because 85 percent of these kids HAVE families!! They are sold into these orphanages in hopes of a better life. Haiti has a hard enough struggle without us encouraging more broken homes. 

Family is crucial in a country without infrastructure. 

But above all. Do write complaints about this organization that allows this evil man contact. 

Hearts with Haiti should be shut down.

Geilenfeld is a Fugitive from Justice. Haiti National Police have a warrant for his arrest on multiple charges of child sexual abuse. Three years ago, he fled Haiti to the DR to avoid arrest and prosecution. His expenses are funded by donors to the US nonprofit, Hearts with Haiti. The brave victims in Haiti who reported their abuse to police are entitled to due process in a Haiti or US court. Innocent children must be protected. Geilenfeld has been raping Haitian children for more than three decades. He’s the “Teflon Pedophile.” Now, it’s time to prosecute him in a criminal court of law.

It’s amazing how USA non profit laws allow him to remain in such a position.. now he slithers into the Dominican

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